Young lindy piece

Young Lindy's Big Whoop Map Piece was one of the four seperated by Horatio Marley and his crew.

It was kept on display in the Booty Boutique on sale for 6 million Pieces o' Eight.


Guybrush Threepwood not being able to afford the price that the Antiques Dealer was asking for the map piece asked him if there was anything that he would be willing to trade for it. The Dealer told him that he had been looking for a famous figurehead and would happily swap the map piece for it.

The Mad Monkey was a famous ship with a masterfully designed monkey figurehead and he was keen to have it for his own collection.

Threepwood set about trying to find it. He read the book Great Shipwrecks of Our Century to discover where it had been sunk and then hired the services of Captain Kate Capsize to go in search of it.

Threepwood and Capsize travelled to the spot where the ship was supposedly sunk and he dived into the sea to find it. When he was successful, he pulled the head from the ship and took it back to trade with the Antiques Dealer.

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