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Young Lindy the Cabin Boy was a member of Horatio Marley's crew to search for the mysterious treasure, Big Whoop whose role was to serve as the ship's cabin boy.

He, along with the other three crew-member's, witnessed LeChuck's transformation into the undead. Lindy could not bear living in fear, and so found LeChuck and begged. LeChuck let him live and gave him a fortune (accounts said that he was panhandling on Booty Island that time), which he used to build a successful advertising firm.

An envious, and a diabolical loser of a LeChuck later sent him an account of Gangrene 'n' Honey which Lindy mishandled and his business was ruined, forcing him to sell everything he owned (including his piece of the map to Big Whoop, which got sold to the Antiques shop on Booty Island), join a circus, and die when he was shot from a cannon without a helmet.

LeChuck's account of Lindy's fateEdit

"Fearin' fer his life, he came to me and begged for mercy. In return for not revealing the location of Big Whoop, I let him live. As a sign of me "gratitude," I gave him a fortune which he used to build a successful advertising firm. Once he had grown accustomed to his wealthy lifestyle, I returned to collect me debt. I delivered to him an account so demonically ill-conceived that it was doomed to fail: Gangrene 'n' Honey. Within a month, he was penniless and insane, a broken man! He sold everything he owned and got so desperate he fell in with a traveling circus. He was killed when he was shot from a cannon without a helmet."

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