"Thou shall not pass."
The troll
was a club wielding green monster found on the paths of Mêlée Island.

The troll was guarding a bridge, blocking travellers from the east side of the island where Captain Smirk's house and Stan's Used Ship Emporium could be found.

The troll required travellers to pay a toll before he allowed them to pass. He said that he was looking for something that would attract attention but of no real purpose importance to anyone. He warned that he would allow three tries and then eat anyone who failed to pay. However his threat was hollow and people were able to offer him items as many times as they needed.

The troll accepted a red herring.

When Guybrush Threepwood passed after paying, the troll secretly removed his mask and revealed himself as George Lucas before eating the fish. The character was not seen again afterwards.

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