The Secret of Monkey Island was something that was unknown to possibly all of the Caribbeans inhabitants.

There are a number of theories as to what it could be.

SoMi PossibilitiesEdit

Giant Monkey HeadEdit

The Giant Monkey Head probably belonged to some extinct form of giant monkey.

Inside it was an enormous maze through the fires of hell.

Three Headed MonkeyEdit

The Voodoo Storm that can only be passed through by creating a strange soup thingEdit

MI2 PossibilitiesEdit

Big WhoopEdit

The Voodoo Lady said in MI2 "Big Whoop isn't just a treasure. It contains the secret to another world. Find that world and you'll be able to escape LeChuck forever."

The other world mentioned is possibly the Carnival of the Damned that Guybrush was trapped in at the end of the game. However, the Carnival is known to be a construct of LeChucks, who admitted that he himself does not know the Secret.

It is unlikely that Big Whoop is the fabled secret. For one it is located on Dinky Island and secondly LeChuck is aware of its powers and mysteries.

Underground Tunnels Connecting Every Island in the CaribbeanEdit

The tunnels in which Big Whoop were hidden may have been connected to the Secret.

CoMI PossibilitiesEdit

EfMI PossibilitiesEdit

A Giant Monkey RobotEdit

The Giant Monkey Head was revealed to be a giant robot. However, in SoMI the giant monkey was clearly biological with a spine. It is possible that the robot was constructed along with the Theme Park.

Monkey KombatEdit

Underground GoldEdit

ToMI PossibilitiesEdit


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