The Raging Tightwad was a ship that Cutthroat Bill served on before joining the Barbery Coast. It made port in Puerto Pollo.

Cutthroat Bills Journey on BoardEdit

The captain claimed to be a master treasure hunter, a diviner from some ancient secret society. He told his crew he had a fifth sense when it came to finding objects of value.

The ship and crew left port at Puerto Pollo without a map, guided only by the captain's keen senses. They spent the first week going around in circles until they realized the crew's gold earrings were throwing the captain off. After they tossed all their jewelry, gold coins, and belt buckles overboard, they got back on course.

Many on board began believing the captain was a freak.

They sailed for two years, and finally started back to Plunder Island. As the crew started to doubt him, the captain paid off. They found sunken treasure, right off the coast!

An enormous pile of jewelry and gold coins and belt buckles at the bottom of the bay.

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