Goodsoup Inn

The Goodsoup Inn, as seen from the nearby cemetary.

The The Goodsoup Plantation Resort Hotel and Casino, otherwise known as the Goodsoup Inn or Goodsoup Hotel, is a hotel owned by the prominent GoodSoup family on Blood Island. Back in its heyday, the hotel was a hotspot for various entertainment acts, and provided a good view of the island's once active volcano. Its most famous attraction was the barbeque, which could be found on the patio. The volcano would erupt almost every evening, providing patrons with a view of the molten lava as it spews down a small man-made stream, which lit up the barbeque. The hotel has since fallen into hard times after the volcano ceased erupting.

By the time Guybrush Threepwood arrived on the island to find a cure to counteract Elaine Marley's curse, he learned that the inn was owned by one the last of the Goodsoup's surviving relatives, Griswold Goodsoup. Guybrush also found out that one particular room on the second floor had been boarded up. It was said that someone had died in that room, and the sounds of an unholy wailing could be heard from time to time. Griswold elected to have the room sealed off, for his sanity.

When Guybrush inadvertently forced the volcano to erupt, Griswold was overjoyed. He speculated that the eruption would bring back tourists to the island, and help his flagging business.

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