Wheel of fortune

Ralphie winning money again

The Gambler's Club
was an organisation with a base on Phatt Island.

They seemed to be in control of a Wheel of Fortune game, where they allowed their members to know the next number which would be rigged to appear.

They had a complicated hand password system with which to identify each other. Guybrush Threepwood was forced to work out the password when he needed to win a ticket to Governor Marleys Party. He was able to spy on Ralphie as he gave the password, but only had one chance to watch.

Known MembersEdit


To correctly deliver the password, the giver had to carefully take note of the askers hands.

The asker might show four fingers and say "If this is two..." Then show one finger and say "What's this?".

In this example, the answer would be 'four'.

The answer was the number of fingers previously shown.


  • The password system came from Tim Schafers brother, who used to play the game with him when they were children.

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