Fisherman mi2
The Fisherman was a skilled fisher who spent much time at the Wharf on Phatt Island.

He never ate any of the fish he caught due to the sewage coming from Governor Phatts mansion, but he happily sold what he did catch to restaurants. Much of the fish he caught were served at Governor Marley's Mardi Gras Fish Fry.

He was sensitive with his fishing rod which was precisely balanced for maximum hydrophonic fibrilation.

Bet with Guybrush ThreepwoodEdit

When Threepwood met the Fisherman, he boasted about his own fishing skill. This prompted the pair to make a bet as to who could catch the larger fish.

The Fisherman put his Fishing rod on the line if he lost, but if he won Threepwood would have to eat the larger fish caught raw.

Threepwood was victorious however, having stolen a fish that the Fisherman had previously caught from Governor Marleys Mansion on Booty Island.

Without his rod, the Fisherman was forced to leave the Wharf.


The fisherman's sprite holds his pipe in his left hand when he keeps his arms open and looks at Guybrush. In one instance however his head returns to the original position while his arms are still open, so another pipe "mysteriously" (due to a glitch) reappears in his mouth. This glitch is parodied in-game as Guybrush asks him where did he find the second pipe.

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