The Library Card was both ID for taking out up to four books from the Phatt Island Library and for proof of age.

It was only a temporary card, until the user recieved their real one in the post.
Library card


The Librarian gave Guybrush Threepwood a card after he answered some simple questions.

Note: If Threepwood used his own name while applying for a card, he could only take out a further three books. If he used a fake name he could take four.


Threepwood used his card as ID to buy drinks in The Bloody Lip.

Application ProcessEdit

  • Threepwood can either give his own name, Captain Dreads or Herman Toothrots.
  • The addresses he can give are all references to something.
    1. 221B Baker Street is Sherlock Holmes address
    2. 10 Downing Street is the Prime Minister of Englands address
    3. 1060 West Addison is a fake address used by the Blues Brothers (Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL).
    4. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is the President of the USAs address.
  • Guybrush almost reveals his true age of 19 when asked. He lies and says 21.
  • Guybrush can say his occupation is one of the following:
    1. Consultant,
    2. Free-Lance,
    3. Unemployed
    4. Pirate.
  • When asked if he has any vices, Threepwood can reply.
    1. Nosepicking
    2. Jaywalking
    3. Murder, arson, thievery that sort of thing

The different combinations will prompt different comments from the Barkeeper; if the card displays Guybrush's real name, he will ask if it's French; if the card has either Dread or Herman Toothrot, then the Barkeeper will comment on the occupation.

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