The Swordmaster's house was where Carla the swordmaster lived.

It was located somewhere within the maze-like forest on Mêlée Island.

Finding the HouseEdit

The only way to locate her house was by following the storekeeper, who is an admirer of hers.

After following him through the maze, the storekeeper will lead the player to a ravine with a warning sign, when the sign is pushed, a bridge will reveal itelf, enabling the person to cross the ravine and reach the Swordmaster's house.

When the bridge is activated, Threepwood is able to simply access via the map screen, instead of tediously going through the fork again. When Guybrush returns to Mêlée Island once more, he encounters Carla who says that she is now homeless due to her house being taken by a land developer who located her and challeneged her to Insult Swordfighting. The house itself does not appear in Escape from Monkey Island.

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