The Snake X-ing (Snake Crossing) marked the home of the deadly Man-eating Snake of Plunder Island. The warning sign served to help explorers keep away from the animal.

In the clearing were a number of objects suitable to fend off the snake including a snake-beating club, a snake-beating stick and some Snake-Away.

There was a plaque which read:

"Massive, Man-Eating Snake.  This fantastic reptile is one of Plunder
Island's most dangerous and beautiful predators."

When Guybrush Threepwood entered the area, he was immediately swallowed whole by the snake forcing him to find a means of escape with the useful items teasingly out of reach.

Notable ItemsEdit


  • This puzzle is similar to the one in SoMI in which Threepwood is tossed into the dock tied to the fabulous idol to drown while a number of sharp objects which could save him lay just out of reach.

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