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Skull Island

Appearances: The Curse of Monkey Island
Residents: King Andre

Effete LaFoot

Skull Island is a small island off the coast of Blood Island, and the hideout the notorious smuggler King Andre, and his right hand man, Cruff. The only way to the island was to charter the local ferryman, known as the Flying Welshman, who knew how to navigate the sea's trecherous mists.


Though Skull Island is thought to look like a skull, it is revealed to the player that the island actually has the appearance of a duck. Guybrush even comments: "It should be called Duck Island". The Welshman insists that one must "squint and turn [one's] head a bit to see the skull". Guybrush continues to point out that if one actually does that "it looks like a bunny". This is a reference to the famous rabbit-duck illusion, a kind of ambiguous drawing that causes the brain to be uncertain if the drawing illustrates a rabbit or a duck.

Interest PointsEdit

The Tri-Island Area

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