Scumm Bar SE

The Scumm Bar as seen in The Secret of Monkey Island SE

The Scumm Bar was a bar located near the entrance of the town on Melee Island.

It was divided into a large bar room and a kitchen with a small dock outside of the back exit.


The Secret of Monkey IslandEdit

Scumm kitchen


The Scumm bar was where the Pirate Leaders spent their time. It was full until Govenor Marley was kidnapped.


Notable LootEdit

Escape from Monkey IslandEdit

Scumm Bar(EMI)

At this time the Scumm Bar was owned by Ignatius Cheese who bought it from Ron.

After returning from Lucre Island, the Scumm Bar was taken over by Ozzie Mandrill and became a tropical themed restaurant called the Lua Bar


The Scumm Bar is named after the SCUMM engine, the game engine used in the first three Monkey Island games. It was first made for Maniac Mansion in 1987. S.C.U.M.M. stands for Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion. Its renaming to Lua Bar represents the transition to the GrimE engine using the Lua scripting language.

in the original demo of Monkey Island, the Scumm Bar is depicted much smaller, without the dining room.

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