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Ron Gilbert is the creator of the Monkey Island series and Head Developer and writer on The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge.

He is noted as being the first game programmer to include cut-scenes in his games.

Ron Gilbert's Blog

He was credited as 'Visiting Professor Of Monkeyology' in Tales of Monkey Island.

Monkey Island 3Edit

Ron Gilbert was not involved in the creation of The Curse of Monkey Island, but he has said that he did have a plan for the third game. He also stated that he would never have had Elaine Marley marry Guybrush Threepwood.

Monkey Island 3a: The Secret Revealed or your Money BackEdit

This was an adventure game Ron Gilbert said he would like to make. It would be an alternative version of Monkey Island 3, revealing the real Secret of Monkey Island. According to Ron, he even contacted LucasArts about it and they were interested, but then "it just ended". Back in 2004, Ron wrote on Grumpy Gamer that "if he wins the lottery, he'll buy the right to Monkey Island" and create his game. The phrase about lottery became a well-known joke among Monkey Island fans.

A 2010 article in Retro Gamer states that Ron is still interested in the idea, but since "he's not the same person he was 20 years ago", "it would be a different game than he had planned".


  • A number of characters in the series have been named in homage to Gilbert.
  1. L. Ron Gilbert, an author whose book is available in the Phatt Island Library.
  2. Captain Gilbert, a pirate whos autobiography 'Yikes' is available in the Library.
  3. Ron, the ex owner of the Scumm Bar.
  4. Nor Treblig or Ron Gilbert spelt backwards.

    Seems MI1 early developments.

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