Plunder Island-Fort

Plunder island Fort

The Plunder Island Fort was a massive defensive structure situated on the southeast coast of Plunder Island. It became home to Elaine Marley after her kitchen and landscaping staff quit her Booty Island mansion.

Some of the cannons in the fort were able to fire at the press of a button, like a remote control.

LeChuck attacked the fort in an attempt to kill Elaine Marley, the island's Governor, whom he intended to make his undead bride. Although the fort was battered by LeChuck's cannons, it was able to endure the bombardment. LeChuck was unfazed, for he had with him a superweapon which would be used to destroy the fort and make his love an undead zombie like himself, a devastating Voodoo Cannonball.

However, due to the intervention of Guybrush Threepwood, LeChuck lost his grip on the powerful cannonball, exploding the ship and the undead captain. Threepwood was reunited with Elaine Marley outside the fort, where he proposed to her using a Cursed Diamond Ring, accidentally turning her to gold. He was forced to leave her there while he searched for a cure.
Fort early design

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