The Journey was the second chapter in The Secret of Monkey Island.


The crew have mutineed on our inept hero, so we need to set about finding Monkey Island by ourselves! Inside the Captain's cabin, take the Feather Pen and the Ink, and then open the drawer and Look At it to find a [ Dusty Book]]. Look At the Dusty Book to read the Captain's diary entries and receive the Bookmark.

Leave the Cabin and climb the Rope Ladder to the Crow's Nest. Take the [[Jolly Roger]] and climb back down, before going down the Hatch. Go down the second Hatch, Pick Up the Giant Piece of Rope, Open the Kegs to the left to get some Gunpowder, Open the reddish-brown Chest in the bottom-right corner and Look At it to get some Fine Wine and then go up the ladder.

Walk to the door and enter the kitchen; Open the Cupboard, Pick Up the Cereal, Open the Cereal and you'll get a Toy Prize. Look At the Toy Prize to discover it's actually a Small Key. Grab the pot and then head back to the Captain's cabin. Use the Small Key on the Cabinet to open it, and then Open the Small Chest. Look At it to find a Piece of Paper and some Cinnamon Sticks. Get back in the kitchen. The following items can be added to the Cooking Pot, if you want to clear out space in your inventory:

  • Dusty Book
  • Feather Pen
  • Small Key

HOWEVER, one of the following items MUST NOT go into the pot, you can pick which:

  • Business Card
  • Dusty Book
  • Feather Pen

Finally, the following items have to go into the Cooking Pot:

  • Ink
  • Jolly Roger
  • Gunpowder
  • Fine Wine
  • Cereal
  • Cinnamon Sticks

With the last item added, there is an explosion and Guybrush passes out. When he comes to, click anywhere to make him get up, and then head up on deck, where you'll discover that you've arrived at Monkey Island! Use the Giant Piece of Rope on the Cannon, and then go down the Hatch twice. Open the Kegs to the left again to get some more gunpowder and go into the Kitchen. Use either the Business Card, Dusty Book or Feather Pen (whichever one you didn't add to the Cooking Pot) with the Red Hot Fire, and then get up on deck. Use the Gunpowder in the Cannon Nozzle, Use the Flaming Mass on the Fuse, Use the Pot and KABOOM! You're sailing off towards Monkey Island, this time by air!

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