Ozzie Mandrill

Ozzie Mandrill

Residence:Sydney, Australia (formerly)
Lucre Island (currently)
Job:Land Developer
Appearances: Escape from Monkey Island
Voice actor:Nick Tate

Ozzie Mandrill was a scheming, manipulative Australian land developer, and one of the primary antagonists of Escape from Monkey Island. He arrived in the Caribbean, hoping to build a corporate empire and wipe out piracy using the Ultimate Insult. His empire would've enabled him to connect various islands, including Booty Island, Melee Island and Jambalaya Island (possibly Lucre Island was also involved, where he was said to have intimidated local shopkeepers to work for him).


Ozzie made no secret of his Australian roots, and used his skill with words as a weapon of intimidation. His thick accent and dialect allowed him to string a deadly combination of cryptic insults and slang. This intimidated landowners into forking over their deeds, and gave Ozzie a formidable edge in Insult Swordfighting (or anything for that matter). The only two pirates he had not yet beaten were Meathook, who himself admitted that he was too cowardly to face him, and Ignatius Cheese, who declared himself to possess excellent insulting skill. Ozzie's penultimate goal was to discover the secrets of "The Ultimate Insult" in order to transform the remaining pirate population into "productive members of society".

Escape from Monkey IslandEdit

Pirate ReformationEdit

Ozzie was well known throughout the Caribbean as an evil land-grabber. He constantly plotted to smash his foes egos, and vowed to rule the lands with an iron fist. It remained to be seen whether he was merciless enough to smash the egos of his own pirate crew and henchmen. His pirate ego-destroying spanned several islands, with many others that shared his cause. Miss Rivers, a pirate reformation teacher, was one such individual, working at a small school in Knuttin Atoll. Her orders were to disambiguate pirates who can be educated, and dispatch those who she deemed unfit for their new society.

Scumm BarEdit


Ozzie holding all the cards.


Guybrush talks to Mandrill before Insult Sword Fighting.

Ozzie managed to wrest control of the Scumm Bar on Melee Island from a consequently very angry Ignatius, while he was out with Guybrush.

The Ultimate InsultEdit

Ozzie couldn't run for the governor's office, and consequently teamed up with LeChuck after rescuing him from the ruins of the Carnival of the Damned in Monkey Island. Lechuck magically disguised himself as candidate Charles L. Charles, and had an extraordinarily succesful campaign. Ozzie planned to use his puppet's gubernatorial powers to unlock the secret voodoo powers of the Ultimate Insult, allowing him to rule over the Caribbean. On LeChuck's end, he believed the Ultimate Insult would allow him to turn Elaine into a willing, subservient bride.

For his final plan, LeChuck constructed the Insult Enlarger, allowing maximum usage of the Ultimate Insult. Guybrush managed to turn it off, much to LeChuck's frustration. He mistakenly though the device failed to work, and in his rage, ordered the town's citizens to capture Elaine and the death of Guybrush. It was here too that LeChuck made his move to betray Ozzie, and keep the Ultimate Insult for himself. However, he failed to take into account Ozzie's superior knowledge of the voodoo arts, which resulted in Ozzie taking full control of LeChuck's now gigantic form. Ozzie's then ordered his new demonic pet to squish all the pirates in the Caribean into slush, startying with Guybrush. Unfortunately, Guybrush happened to be in enormous Monkey Robot.

Ozzie, in possession of the the Ultimate Insult, combined with LeChuck's voodoo demonic powers, proved to be an equal match to Guybrush's own version of the Ultimate Insult. After a long and arduous battle, he tied with LeChuck three times, thus forcing each opponent to slap their heads. This resulted in Ozzie, who had been on top of LeChuck, to be smashed to what appeared to be, death. LeChuck's Ultimate Ultimate Insult colliding with the Ozzie's Voodoo led to a massive explosion that blew LeChuck straight off of the screen.


  • Mandrills line "Where was the kaboom? There was supposed to be a Caribbean shattering kaboom!?" is a reference to the Looney Tunes character Marvin the Martian.
  • Ozzie Mandrill is a play on Ozymandias.
  • Ozzie is a term used to describe an individual from Australia.
  • A mandrill is a type of monkey.

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