Muenster Monster
was the name of a pet rat owned by Fin of the Men of Low Moral Fiber while they were stuck on Scabb Island due to the Largo Embargo. He had an insatiable appetite for cheese.


He could be found in the same area as them running around on the floor of the Woodtick laundry.

Guybrush Threepwood was able to pick the rat up by placing some cheese squigglies into a trap box whose lid was held up with a Stick and was attached to a piece of String.


The rat ended up in a vichyssoise cold soup which was being made by the hired cook in The Bloody Lip bar and grill, Bernard.

When Guybrush inquired about the "stew" to the Barkeeper, he checked it himself, and fired the young cook for putting the rat in the soup.

This allowed Guybrush to apply for the job himself in order to get the up front wages.

Appearance Edit

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