Monkey head CoMI

The last stop of the ride led to a big monkey head.

Inside monkey head CoMI

The rollercaster, as seen from a cutscene.

The Monkey Mountain Rollercoaster was the largest, most exciting attraction of Big Whoop, otherwise known as the Carnival of the Damned. The ride led to several rooms which contained several homages to events seen from Secret of Monkey Island and LeChuck's Revenge. The ride's grand finale was the Giant Monkey Head, where passengers fell into a deadly pool of lava. This had the effect of turning everyone (living of course) into one of LeChuck's undead minions. The rollercoaster, much like the entire amusement park, was powered by monkeys pulling massive machinery deep beneath Big Whoop.

Dinghy Dog, the doorman at the entrace, stated that children were not permitted to ride, and that it was meant only for 'older kids'.

In the finale of Curse of Monkey Island, Elaine Marley rerouted the rails of the coaster, thus allowing Guybrush to formulate a daring plan that led to LeChuck's defeat. The dastardely demonic pirate was crushed beneath a ton of ice, and the ride and the park were shortly abandoned.

The DioramasEdit

The rollercoaster seemed to be fairly massive, with several rooms filled with various historical animatronic dioramas. It culminated in a Giant Monkey Head, where passengers would be turned into LeChuck's undead minions. These dioramas were fairly detailed, and referenced events from events seen from Secret of Monkey Island and LeChuck's Revenge. One room was set on Monkey Island and depicted Herman Toothrot, his hanged captain, and a Three Headed Monkey.

The second room depicted Horatio Marley and his crew setting sail to search for the treasure of Big Whoop.

The third room was a recreation of LeChuck's complicated torture chamber from his fortress, complete with the actual Wally B. Feed.

The fourth room was a snowy mountain, with a fearsome Yeti perched on top.

Unsuspecting patrons were taken by surprise on the final drop which ended in a pool of lava. Via the power of Big Whoop, they would survive the dip as skeletons ready to be recruited into LeChucks Army of the Undead.


Having reverted back to his twenty-year old form, Guybrush finally confronted the demon pirate. Elaine Marley successfully freed herself and redirected the tracks to run in a loop, preventing Threepwood from ending up falling into lava.

Guybrush is able to construct a makeshift explosive out of rum, and an oiled fuse. He places it on the mountain Yeti area of the ride and tricks LeChuck into lighting it with his fireball spell. The resulting explosion causes several chunks of ice to fall on him, leaving the demon pirate to be presumed dead. Again.


  • The name 'Monkey Mountain' may be a reference to the various Disney rides named 'Space Mountain'.

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