Monkey Island 5, though not released, supposedly took place sometime in between Escape from Monkey Island and Tales of Monkey Island.

Tales of Monkey Island picks up from the end of Monkey Island 5. Guybrush Threepwood who has completed a number of tasks is finally ready to destroy his nemesis LeChuck once and for all using a voodoo sword.

The events of Monkey Island 5 potentially take place over the course of eight to ten years. When looking around his ship at the beginning of ToMI he can look into a room and say "Nope, nothing in there but a decade's worth of fantastic pirate booty." This could refer to events beginning with SoMI or starting from the end of EfMI.

Events Known to Have Taken PlaceEdit

  • LeChuck is once more resurrected.
  • Guybrush Threepwood collects the items necessary to construct the voodoo sword which will ultimately be used to destroy LeChuck.
  • Guybrush Threepwood regrows his beard.
  • Guybrush recruits another lazy and useless crew.
  • Guybrush has to perform a horrible-hula of Hades in order to win the Monkey Casket of Kauai.
  • Somehow the voodoo root beer ends up inside the casket and goes flat.
  • Guybrush sailed six of the seven major seas.
  • Guybrush encountered an ice-breathing accountant.
  • Guybrush raided the sunken smelters of Popgowatu to find the finest tools.
  • Guybrush saved the village of Kaflu from a lava slide.
  • Guybrush forges the Cursed Cutlass himself on board his ship.
  • LeChuck hijacks Elaine Marleys ship and kidnaps her once again wanting her hand in marriage. (Despite her already being married to Threepwood).
  • Guybrush caught up with LeChuck, but the villain unleashed his school of ravenous Piranha Poodles to stop him but Guybrush outwits them. He then goes after LeChuck along with a crew of lazy pirates sailing towards the Rock of Gelato.


  • Monkey Island 5 may be the final part of the Voodoo Ladys Five Game Contract, though 'Tales of Monkey Island' could also fill that role.
  • Monkey Island 5 is likely never to be made, at least in the form hinted at in 'ToMI'.
  • In 2002 both The International House of Mojo and The World of Monkey Island pulled off an April fools joke that made a lot of people think Monkey Island 5 was in production under the name 'Return to Monkey Island'. They published MP3 files which were supposedly from MI5 in which Guybrush spoke lines never heard before, from none of the existing games.Largo LeGrande was also heard. It was later revealed that it all was the work of Mixnmojo and Dominic Armato (voice of Guybrush). LucasArts had even given them permission.

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