Madam Xima

Madam Xima

Residence:Blood Island
Job:Fortune teller with cards
Appearances: The Curse of Monkey Island
Voice actor:Kathleen Freeman

"I am Madame Xima... Mistress of the ancient arts of precognition and augury... Diva of divination."

Madam Xima, otherwise spelled as Madame Xima, is an elderly fortune teller who could be found at the Goodsoup Hotel in Blood Island. While many dismissed her practice, it was clear that she could predict the future with her deck of tarot cards and psychic visions.

She claimed to be far beyond that of a nomral fortune teller, possibly using similar mystical powers as the Voodoo Lady. She claimed she had the power to "put a curse on you that would make every morsel of food you eat......become a ravenous cockroach inside your you the most excruciating death imaginable."

Upon meeting Guybrush Threepwood, Xima foretold his future, foreseeing evil men and an island in the shape of a skull. She used her tarot cards and repeatedly drew 'Death' cards totalling five, which Threepwood then stole from her.


  • Guybrush Threepwood mispronounced her name as "Madame X-ima" or 'Eczema' as in the skin condition.

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