Residence:Melee Island
Appearances: The Secret of Monkey Island
Voice actor:Rob Paulsen

The Lookout on Mêlée Island was a balding elderly man that was handpicked by the island's Sheriff, Fester Shinetop, to be the watchman of the island, despite having poor eyesight.

He was usually located on the peak of the high mountain, which was on the path to the town below.

He was close to Elaine Marley and mentioned to her the arrival of Guybrush Threepwood to the island.

In GameEdit

The lookout in some cases acts as a guide to what the player needs to do.

He is in the first scene of the game when Guybrush Threepwood startles him and tells him of his dreams of becoming a pirate. He is the first character that Threepwood talks to and gives the location of the pirate leaders.
Lookout elaine kidnap

He appears later after LeChuck's Ghost Ship is seen sailing away, saying that the Governor has been kidnapped, and gives Guybrush a note from the ghost pirates.

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