"You fool! You gave cheese to a lactose intolerant volcano god!"

Residence:Monkey Island
Blood Island
Job:Leader of Blood Island Cannibals
Appearances: The Secret of Monkey Island
The Curse of Monkey Island
Voice actor:S. Scott Bullock (Curse)

Lemonhead was a Cannibal. He originally lived among the tribe on Monkey Island, but later moved to Blood Island where he became leader.

Among his people he was a famed sculptor, contributing many of the idols placed in respect of the Giant Monkey Head.

Though he called himself a cannibal, it seemed to have been some time since he last cannibalised a person. On Monkey Island the tribe he was a part of were trying out vegetarianism in order to watch their weight. On Blood Island, his tribe was vegan in respect for their lactose intolerant volcano god.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Lemonhead was well built and muscular while on Monkey Island however he was much more scrawny when Guybrush Threepwood met him on Blood Island. This may well be due to his change to a vegan diet.

He was extremely gullible as seen on some occasions. On Monkey Island, when handed a totem by Guybrush he believed it was new despite having his own name etched into the base and he having been the one who placed it at the the Giant Monkey Head. Threepwood was again able to easily fool him on Blood Island, posing as a cannibal diplomat by wearing a carved block of tofu on his head.This despite having just talked and Guybrush's clothes being visibly unchanged.

On Blood Island he had a well spoken English accent.


On Monkey IslandEdit

On Monkey Island, Lemonhead was in a group of cannibals with Sharptooth and Red Skull. He was a quiet figure among the group; the least vocal of the three. Lemonhead was tricked into giving Guybrush Threepwood the key to the Giant Monkey Head when Guybrush presented him with a totem, which he did not realise was his own. He helped make the Ghost Zapping Formula for Guybrush to defeat LeChuck and his crew.


Lemonhead (right) with Sharptooth and Red Skull

On Blood IslandEdit

Some time after the events on Monkey Island, Lemonhead traveled to Blood Island seemingly without Sharptooth and Red Skull. There he led a group of cannibals turned vegans. They turned vegan after finding the Volcano god they worshipped was lactose intolerant. Lemonhead was tricked by Guybrush who was wearing a carved block of tofu on his head to blend in the the tribe. He believed he was a cannibal diplomat come to join the festival of feeding the volcano. Threepwood proceeded to throw Cheese into the volcano causing an eruption. Lemonhead's fate is unknown.


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