LeChuck's Fortress

LeChuck's Fortress

LeChuck's Fortress (LeChuck's Island Getaway & Spa™) was an enormous foreboding structure belonging to LeChuck which held his corpse should his spirit form be destroyed. It was located within an endless storm, close to Monkey Island and Dinky Island. It was a huge construction, containing a dungeon and his throne room. LeChuck had installed a torture chamber just for Guybrush Threepwood. It was destroyed when Guybrush unwittingly lit a match in a chamber full of dynamite.


The fortress is an incredibly disturbing and spooky structure, each room and corridor reflecting LeChuck's love for violence and sadistic torture. In nearly every corner of the diseased building are skeletal parts, illustrating the fortress's violent background as hundreds, possibly thousands, were tortured in inhuman ways by the demonic voodoo lord and pirate himself and his followers. Many of the skeletons have since been used as decoration such as statues, while others were simply left rotting on the floor or used to hold candles. The fortress contains numerous torture chambers, a dungeon, countless corridors, and an office for LeChuck himself where he rules over the structure from a voodoo throne.

Interest PointsEdit

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