Largo-with beard
LeChuck's Beard
was seperated from the Ghost Pirate LeChuck after his death at the hands of Guybrush Threepwood. Threepwood somehow managed to find the beard and kept it as a trophy, showing it to others as proof of his victory.

When Threepwood foolishly showed it to Largo LaGrande, he took it from him. He said they had been searching for a living part of LeChuck for a long time and now had what he needed.

LaGrande gave the beard to the Voodoo Priest who used it to reanimate the corpse of LeChuck. LeChuck was reborn as a Zombie Pirate.

In LeChucks battle with Threepwood under Dinky Island, it was torn from his chin once more when Threepwood trapped it in an elevator door. Threepwood then used it in the construction of his Voodoo Doll of LeChuck.


Ghost BeardEdit

As a ghost LeChucks beard was in spirit form as was the rest of his body. On his destruction, it somehow survived so that Threepwood was able to find it and keep it as a souvenir.Guybrush largo beard

Zombie BeardEdit

The Zombie Pirate LeChucks beard was part of his corpse. When Largo LaGrande and the Voodoo Priest used the ghost beard to resurrect LeChuck, the two would have fused to bring him life: Partially physical and partially spiritual.

Part of this beard was used in the voodoo doll against him.

Demon Pirate BeardEdit

When LeChuck was once more ressurected as a Demon Pirate, his beard became a huge flame.

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