Kenny Foulmouth


Residence:Plunder Island
Relatives: Mrs. Falmouth
Appearances: The Curse of Monkey Island
Voice actor:Gary Coleman

Kenny Falmouth is a juvenile entrepreneur based in Puerto Pollo, the main town of Plunder Island. He was notorious for selling lemonade with a special bottomless mug policy. When that venture failed, he moved on to selling cannons for pirates and privateers.

His ventures were supported by his mother, whom he would often call out.


Lemonade StandEdit

Kenny's first venture was a lemonade stand, where he charged a nickel for a mug. According to Kenny, his lemonade would "... cure all your symptoms, including, but not limited to: gradual weakening, aching muscles, sunken eyes, painful gums, ashen skin, loss of teeth, internal bleeding, the reopening of old wounds, diarrhea, kidney failure, fainting, halitosis and death. On top of that, it has a refreshing citrus flavor with no unpleasant aftertaste."

Next to Kenny's lemonade stand is a disclaimer sign that read: "The Surgeon General of Plunder Island has determined that ingredients in this product may be harmful or fatal if swallowed."

Bottomless Mug PolicyEdit


Kenny's Lemonade Stand insituted a special "bottomless mug policy". This actually meant pouring lemonade into a literal bottomless mug, which led to a hole and a container hidden within Kenny's counter.

This policy came with a no refund policy as well.

Tricking KennyEdit

Guybrush replaced the bottomless mug with a regular mug that could acquire from Palido Domingo. Before Kenny realizes the switch, Guybrush drinks the lemonade.

Kenny is outraged, and claims that Guybrush had run him out of business. Guybrush is unfazed by this, and is proud he taught Kenny an valuable lesson about cheating.

Cannons DealerEdit

Guybrush would later encounter Kenny, who decided to start a new business selling and leasing Bob's Big Bore Boomer Cannons.

He had a wide range of weapons for sales in what used to be his lemonade stand. Unfortuantely, Kenny's stockpile blocked the path to the rest of the city. Guybrush would have to return several times to Kenny to purchase better cannons for his ship, The Sea Cucumber in exchange for booty he d looted from other pirates.

His most premium armament on offer was the Destructomatic T-47, a auto-reloading laser-targeting cannon.


  • The things Kenny claims his lemonade will cure were all symptoms of scurvy.
  • Kenny was voiced by the late Gary Coleman, who was known to play children well into his adulthood.

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