Inspector Canard is an inspector who appears in Escape from Monkey Island and works at Lucre Island. He arrests Guybrush after Pegnose Pete frames the young pirate for bank robbery. In spite of pig-ignorace ruling over him wanting to arrest Pete, he fails miserably to believe Guybrush's innocence and places the Voodoo Anklet of extreme discomfort around his ankle, thus preventing him from leaving Lucre Island. The player will need to prove Pete was in the bank, and that any, and all part of the crime is attributed to him.

Nonetheless, Guybrush soon discovers his capabilities since he is able to exploit Pete's duck-phobia, and convinces Canard to release him after Guybrush provides the screw used to hold Pete's prosthetic nose in place. It is just a bummer, however, that Pete escapes soon after.

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