Ignatius Cheese

I Cheese

Aka:I. Cheese
Residence:Melee Island
Job:Owner of the Scumm Bar (during Escape)
ship navigator
Relatives: Mrs. Cheese (wife), Blue Cheese (brother), Jack Cheese (great-great grandfather), Swiss Cheese (great uncle), Gorgon Zola Cheese (great-great-great aunt).
Appearances: Escape from Monkey Island
Voice actor:W. Morgan Sheppard

Ignatius Cheese was the owner of the Scumm Bar in Escape from Monkey Island. He has a wife who seem to a stereo-typical nagging wife, which made him immune to any nagging from anyone and therefore can't be persuaded that way. Mr. Cheese was one of few pirates who managed to hold his own against Ozzie Mandrill who have made several attempts of winning over the Scumm Bar.

He joined Guybrush Threepwood's crew when he beat him in Insult Arm Wrestling. He claims himself to a skillful navigator, however he is also a bit of hotshot since sailed The Dainty Lady through a storm on the way to Lucre Island, a typhoon aroute Jambayla Island and according to Otis sailing inbetween a pair of reefs. This has resulted in having to do repairs on the ship everytime Guybrush and his crew made port, while being watched by either Carla the Sword Master or Otis.

Upon his return to Mêlée Island he found that his bar had been taken over by Ozzie Mandrill and reimagined as the Lua Bar. What happened to him after returning from Jambalaya Island is unknown.
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Gybrush before meets with Ignatius.