Hellbeard the Unrepentant was once feared as one of the most dangerous pirates who ever lived and 'the scourge the seven seas'. That was until he was cursed by the power of an Ultimate Insult.

Since then he worked as a humble puppeteer on Knuttin Atoll. One of his most often performed shows featured puppets of Guybrush Threepwood and LeChuck.

He was constantly nervous, shy and somewhat paranoid and barely able to remember his past as a fearsome corsair. On mention of the Ultimate Insult, he would become extremely frightened and attempt to hide.

His small puppet theatre on the beach doubled as his home.

Past AdventuresEdit

  • Hellbeard was rumoured to have sacked an entire archipelago with just a rowboat and the jawbone of a bilge rat named Stinky.
  • He cut off the heads of seventy men with a sharpened spoon.
  • He outdueled the Devil for a pack of gum.
  • He sank five ships with his steely gaze.

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