Goodsoup crypt

The Goodsoup Crypt from the outside

The Goodsoup Family Crypt is a crypt located within the Blood Island Cemetary, on Blood Island. It was used exclusively to inter the deceased kin of the Goodsoup family. It was the largest, most elaborate crypt in the area, with various statues and carpets lined within its large halls. The restless spirit of Minnie "Stroni" Goodsoup remained trap here after she died of a broken heart.

The crypt's furthest wall happened to have a large crack, revealing the interior of a shack owned by Mort, the ground's undertaker. Right beside this crack was a busted up tomb, where Murray lay hidden. A crowbar could also be retrieved here.


  • In order to acquire the engagement band that would counteract the cursed ring of LeChuck, Guybrush had to find a way to enter the Goodsoup crypt. However, only a deceased relative of a Goodsoup would be allowed to rest in the tomb. Guybrush would have to find a way to trick Griswold Goodsoup into thinking he was a long lost relative, to gain access to the tomb.
  • A damaged wall near the entrance happened to have a small hole that Guybrush could somehow squeeze through to reveal an area that looked very similar to the Fork path on Melee Island, as seen from the original Secret of Monkey Island.


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