Giant monkey head SMI

The Giant Monkey Head in The Secret of Monkey Island.

The Giant Monkey Head is a doorway to LeChuck's underground domain in the shape of a Monkey's head.


The Head is found in a clearing where a fence is set up. Guybrush uses Jojo Sr. to gain access to it. The head was integrated into the Carnival of the Damned, where it has become the signiture ride, and the method used to convert living beings into the undead. After LeChuck was free from his icy prison, he realised that that Big Whoop would not be able to sustain itself forever, so he destroyed the demonic carnival, leaving no traces. All that is left is the enormous monkey head that is surrounded by a barren plain. It is revealed that the entrance to the Catacombs had been mysteriously sealed after the last time Guybrush visited.

Behind the sealed entrance to the Catacombs, the head turns out to be the control room of a robot monkey that can be activated by the Gubernatorial Govenor symbol.

Concept artwork Giant Monkey Head.

Monkey 2

Early Sketch work variant Giant Monkey Head.


Giant Monkey Head surrounded varied size statues.


Guybrush in-examine Giant Monkey Head.