The Food-related Deities were a number of gods which were patrons of the aspects of proper dining.

List of GodsEdit

The following list contains the names of known gods, though there may be more.

  • Eunice was the goddess of the brown-and-serve dinner roll. A carved figurehead of her is seen atop a house in the village depicting her as aardvark-headed.
  • Leroy was the god of pudding. A mask of his likeness hangs in the village.
  • Merton was the god of tined silverware, seen only as a bull-headed figurehead atop a house.
  • Myron was the god of parsley and other garnishes. The cannibals' village holds a giant idol of this deity.
  • Ricky was the helpful god of finger-bowls. His idol, on the side of a house, also serves to hold up a light.
  • Sherman was the lactose intolerant god of the volcano upon which the cannibals built their village. Because of his unique association with a part of the local landscape, Sherman receives more attention than any fellow god.


  • The gods all have British sounding names. This is all likely part of a joke that the savage cannibals are actually quite civilised. Much like Lemonhead with his well spoken nature.

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