Flotsam Island
Flotsam Island

Appearances: Tales of Monkey Island
Residents: Davey Nipperkin
W.P Grindstump
Hemlock McGee

Flotsam Island was a jungle-covered island in the Gulf of Melange that was explored by Guybrush Threepwood in Tales of Monkey Island.

The winds on the island, mysteriously blowing all inwards, meant that anyone who landed there would be unable to sail away. The Island is also surrounded by crystal reefs that tears up the ships that are being caught in the winds.

The island also have a large hidden temple of the Vacaylians, the ancient inhabitans of the island.

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  • It takes its name from 'flotsam': marine debris floating in the ocean after a shipwreck, and it has that name because of the island's unique winds, resulting in several sailors and debris to become marooned there. Most of this debris was used to build the buildings on Flotsam.

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