Residence:Scabb Island (currently)
Appearances: Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (and special edition)
Voice actor:David W. Collins

Fink, along with Bart were pirates who are trapped on Scabb Island due to the Largo Embargo. They have since been hanging out on the beach of Scabb roasting weenies by the fire. They first appear whilst unwillingly hearing Guybrush's story of killing the Ghost Pirate LeChuck for the umteenth time.

Once he wrote a threatening letter to Largo LaGrande. When Guybrush Threepwood drove him away of the island, he thought that his letter scared him.


Fink boasted that he knew a million piratey songs. One of them was Polly the Squawker Lives in Davy Jones' locker narrating a tragic day at sea of a pirate and his parrot, but he did not sing it as it would make Bart cry; and several dirty ones about Governor Elaine Marley which Guybrush did not want to hear. The only one he was heard singing was the Song About Scabb Island.


  • Their names are a reference to the film Barton Fink.

Appearance Edit

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