Famous Pirate Quotations was a book that listed a number of phrases spoken by well known pirates. It could be
Famous pirate quotations
hired from the Phatt Island Library but when Guybrush Threepwood wished to check it out, it had been taken by Governor Phatt.


"Happiness is a warm manatee." - Commander Buttonhead
"Kiss me, I've got scurvy!" - Fester Leach
"Aaaaaarrrg" - Barney Gout
"Violets are blue, roses are red. We're coming aboard. Prepare to eat lead." - Rapp Scallion
"Mouthwash? We don't need no stinking mouthwash!" - Old Skunk-Eye

The pirate who spoke each quote are randomised in each game and may not always be as above.


Threepwood must carefully swap the book with any other in his inventory in order to not wake Governor Phatt.

26-mi 19 21


Threepwood used the book to identify which coffin in the Scabb Island Cemetery belonged to Rapp Scallion.

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