Residence:Melee Island
Job:Crewman for Elaine Marley
Relatives: {{{relatives}}}
Appearances: Escape from Monkey Island
Voice actor:Jess Harnell


Esteban with Elaine Marley in her mansion

Esteban was a member of Elaine Marleys Crew, possibly the first mate.

He was also present to assist Mrs. Marley Threepwood when she was running for Governor against Charles L. Charles.

Marley gave him the responsibility of delivering the Deed to her mansion to the Town Hall to stop them from destroying it.


  • Some players confuse this character with Estevan, the scarred pirate from Secret of Monkey Island. Though voiced by the same actor, their names are spelt differently and they bear no physical resemblance to one another. On imdb

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