Edward Van Helgen

Edward Van Helgen
"Mine is the name that pirates fear the most. Edward 'Snugglecakes' Van Helgen."

Residence:Plunder Island
crewmember aboard the The Sea Cucumber
Appearances: The Curse of Monkey Island
Voice actor:Michael Sorich

Edward Van Helgen, better known as Snugglecakes, is one of "Bucaneer Hairstylists" Guybrush encounters in the Barbery Coast. He was pirate of some infamy, having been on a number of well known adventures. One such adventure had him aboard the doomed voyage of The Obsessivo-Compulsivo.

Edward felt that the sea had a music of its own and that many restless souls couldn't live life without it. He gave up this life when he realised one could enjoy the same music on dry land. He first spent some time at docks, singing to sailors passing-by, but this failed to satiate his musical needs.

Eventually he formed a barbershop quartet, which united him with Haggis McMutton, Cutthroat Bill and a tenor named Dominique.

He said he could never serve a captain who was not a gentleman and who was not his equal.


In order to recruit him, Guybrush Threepwood had to adequately insult him first. This led to Guybrush slapping Edward with a white glove he acquired at the local theater in Puerto Pollo. Edward then challenges Guybrush to defeat him in a traditional duel.

The dapper pirate happened to be a crack shot and easily bested Guybrush by shooting his weapon from his hand. Guybrush would eventually win if he chose to duel with banjos instead. Despite Guybrush matching Edward's skills, Edward proceeded to outplay Guybrush with some very metal thrashing. Frustrated, Guybrush then took a pistol and fired upon his opponent's banjo. Edward, impressed by his dastardely action, accepted to join his crew, proving he was a true pirate gentleman after all.


  • His name is based on Eddie Van Halen, who is also a musical virtuoso. He is a master guitarist and plays in a similar style to Van Helgens duelling banjo.
  • The banjo duelling scene between Guybrush and Van Helgen maybe a reference to the same scene in the 1972 film Deliverance.



Edward's skill with the banjo are exceedingly good.

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