The E Ticket was placed in a chest and buried on Dinky Island as a diversion for any seeking the treasure of Big Whoop.

Captain Horatio Marley and his crew had hidden the chest on the island after discovering the true terrible nature of Big Whoop. They hoped that anyone who found the it would believe it to be the treasure and end their search there.

It is unclear whether they also hid the ticket or if it was placed there by LeChuck as part of his Carnival of the Damned.


  • It is a nod to the E coupon previously used by Disney Theme Parks as a daily pass for their best, or E grade, rides.
  • There is also a book titled "E ticket" in the Phatt City Library.
  • It is possible that, at least in Ron Gilbert's intention, that the Ticket was really Big Whoop, the entrance to the place of safety the Voodoo Lady said.

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