Davey J. Nipperkin

Davey Nipperkin was the senior reporter for the Keelhauler Gazette, local paper of Flotsam Island.

He was always looking for a good story and approached Guybrush Threepwood as soon as he landed on the island. He particularly liked swashbuckling pirate stories.

He had a secret source for off-island news going by the name of Deep Gut.

He made a deal with Threepwood to tell him the location of Deep Gut in return for him making some newsworthy stories for him to cover.

When the Voodoo Lady gets arrested, Davey, being one of the Flotsam Islanders who came for her, falls victim to her powerful spells and Is burned alive. Guybrush can learn this from Joaquin D'oro, one of the witnesses of Davey's death. Later his grave can be found on the Crossroads's Graveyard, and a wreath with the words of goodbye Is seen In the 41 Club.


  • It is possible that Davey's middle name could be Jones as a reference to the mythical pirate.
  • Nipperkin is one of the numerous characters who has trouble pronouncing Threepwood's name, possibly coming up with more variations than any other.

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