You didn't want to mess with Cruff.

Cruff is the right hand man of the notorious smuggler King Andre on Skull Island. He was portrayed as a stereotypically brawny and dim-witted henchman; and left much of the scheming to King Andre.


Cruff played along as Guybrush Threepwood attempted to win the Goodsoup Family Diamond from King Andre in a fixed game of poker. When Guybrush presented five of a kind, King Andre ordered Cruff to murder the poor guy.

Cruff pulled his a gun on Guybrush, but before he could make the shot, Effete LaFoot opened the door which promptly blew out all the candles in the room. A desperate fight broke out. We last see a very angry Cruff pinning King Andre down as Guybrush slipped out to freedom.

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