A crew is the group of people who man a ship or vessel.

In the Tri-Island area, the usual crew consists of a Captain and three subordinates. Though more powerful crews can be larger and it is not unknown for ships to set sail with less.

Crew PositionsEdit

A crew is led by a Captain.

The Captain will usually have a second in command known as the First Mate.

Usually the first mate is also the ships Navigator, though this can be a role taken by a seperate individual.

A ship will usually assign one member of the crew to be Cook.

A Cabin Boy is usually a younger recruit whose duties are generally that of a dogsbody and cleaner, though they may be personal assistant to the captain.

Notable CrewsEdit

Marleys CrewEdit

Horatio Marley, famed pirate captain and Governor of the Tri-Island area had a loyal crew. His first mate was Rum Rogers Sr., his cabin boy Young Lindy and his cook was Rapp Scallion.

Together, they searched for the fabled treasure Big Whoop.

LeChucks CrewEdit

The fearsome pirate LeChuck sailed for many years before becoming an undead menace. Over the years the members of his crew have changed a number of times.

His first mate Largo Lagrande served with him in LeChucks life and for a time after his death. LeChuck also took a Voodoo Priest under his command.

After LeChuck became a ghost, he filled the ranks of his crew mainly by killing pirates and forcing their undead spirits and bodies to serve him in death.

Bob became his First Mate among the Ghost Pirate Crew.

He was always looking to increase the numbers of his crew and eventually lead an Army of the Undead. Among these was Murray.

Threepwoods CrewsEdit

Guybrush Threepwood has captained a number of crews.

His first command was his rescue attempt after Governor Elaine Marley was kidnapped. His crew consisting of Meathook, Carla the Swordsmaster and Otis mutinied, leaving Threepwood to take the roles on Navigator and Cook himself.
Mi-mutinous crew

Captain Threepwood with his first mutinous crew: Meathook, Otis and Carla

On his quest to cure his wife of the curse he accidentally placed on her, he took on the help of the staff of the Barbery Coast. They proved to be little more help than his original command.

During Threepwoods search for the Ultimate Insult, he once more hired Carla and Otis to serve on his ship, though this time his first mate and navigator was Mr Ignatius Cheese.

When Threepwood became captain of the Screaming Narwhal his sole crew member was the previous captain Reginald Van Winslow. Winslow became first mate and navigator and proved to be of more worth than the previous crews combined.

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