Residence:Melee Island
Job:Loom(th) salesperson
Appearances: The Secret of Monkey Island (and special edition)
Voice actor:David W. Collins

Cobb was a character found in the Scumm Bar on Mêlée Island. He wears a badge reading, "Ask me about Loom(tm)".

He is one of the first pirates in the bar that Guybrush Threepwood may talk to. He mostly answers questions by saying "Aye" until asked about Loom, when he would then advertise 'Loom' another adventure game made by LucasArts.

Like all of the other pirates there, he left the Scumm Bar when the Governor was kidnapped by LeChuck.


  • Cobb is a character who appears in 'Loom'. His personality was extremely different in that game, being an unfriendly henchman of the game's villain, Bishop Mandible. His name was also spelled "Cob" in that game.
  • Cobb serves as an in-joke referring to product placement, being an exaggerated example of it.
  • Cobb is noticeably missing in the Scumm Bar in the demo version of the game.

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Ask me about loom

Guybrush meets Cobb.

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Guybrush meets Cobb.

48 secret of monkey island special edition

Cobb adverts Loom again (specian edition).