Charles L. Charles

"Well, I've got hands to kiss and babies to shake. Ta!"

Residence:Mêlée Island
Relatives: None
Appearances: Escape from Monkey Island
Voice actor:Earl Boen

Charles L. Charles was a candidate that ran for Governor of the Tri-Island Area. He was a man of large stature, and was quite dapper. His refined demeanor belied his manipulative and ruthless nature. He had a deep bellowing laugh, very similar to LeChuck.

One of his many schemes involved having Elaine Marley be declared legally dead. He then attempted a demolition order of Elaine's mansion in Mêlée Island, stating it was done a favor from the town elders. He convinced them that the mansion had been seen as "...a bourgeois symbol of the elitist piratocracy", and that the days where corrupt "pirate princess" ruling over society were over. This became the basis for Charles' political platform for governor, declaring himself fit to run as he was a 'man of the people' - unafraid to mingle with common folk.

Charles became especially popular with the citizens of Mêlée Island after promising them 'Good times and free grog'. His campaign placed him at a twenty percent lead over Governor Elaine, allowing him to eventually win the election.

A statue of him was erected on the island harbour.

True NatureEdit

Charles L. Charles was actually LeChuck in disguises. He revealed himself to Guybrush and Elaine shortly after the demolition order of their mansion had been halted. There, he told them that he hoped to use his new-found gubernatorial powers to extract the secrets of The Ultimate Insult.

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