Captain Marley's Big Whoop Map Piece was one of the four seperated by Horatio Marley and his crew.
Map piece-mi2

It was kept on display in the Governors Mansion on Booty Island until Guybrush Threepwood attempted to steal it.


When Guybrush Threepwood attended Governor Marley's Mardi Gras Fish Fry at her mansion on Booty Island he soon saw the map piece on display.

He took it and walked out believing it to have been extremely easy. However Marleys dog was able to sniff out the map piece in his pocket and began barking. The gardener Filbert reacted to this and apprehended Guybrush, taking him to Marley herself.

After it was made clear that the only reason he had come was for the map, Marley angrily threw the piece out of her bedroom window and let it fly away in the wind.

It became snagged on a cliff face where Guybrush attempted to retrieve it with a Fishing rod. Here it was taken from him by a seagull which flew to the top of the islands Big Tree.

At the top of the Big Tree, Threepwood used Marleys dog to sniff the piece out for him from a huge pile of papers gathered by the bird.

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