Kate Capsize


Residence:Booty Island?
Job:Ship Chartering
Appearances: Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
Voice actor:Sally Clawson

Captain Kate Capsize appeared in Monkey Island 2. She was the attractive red haired Owner of a Ship Chartering Business and advertised her trade on Booty Island. She owned

She drank near-grog (a substitute that tasted like grog, but with no alcohol) and was known to finish off the supplies at The Bloody Lip.

The Barkeeper described her as courageous, tough as nails, hard as steel. He said her loyalty is only to the highest bidder and warned against getting on her bad side.


Kate Capsize was for a time the first mate on the vessel called The Limping Limpet which went in search of the treasure Big Whoop, after hearing that it was located in a place known as Blinky Island.

The voyage was unsuccessful, with the crew finding neither the non existant island or the treasure. On the voyage, the ship's captain died of boredom while they were crossing the Sea of Beige Flotsam.

She later took up residence on Booty Island where she offered a ship chartering service, called Capsize Charters, renting out her glass-bottomed boat and her expertise as a seaman. She would often be seen spending her time handing out leaflets in Ville de la Booty. She would charge 6,000 Pieces o' Eight for her services and did not offer credit.

When business grew slow on Booty Island she decided to try her luck on Phatt Island. Unfortunately, on her arrival she had been framed for numerous crimes and was promptly arrested and jailed.

Interactions with Guybrush ThreepwoodEdit

When Guybrush Threepwood met Capsize, he could attempt to flirt with her, though she had little interest.

Kate booty hit on

Guybrush Kate
What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? Trying to avoid guys like you.
Come here often? Once TOO often, obviously.
I can hold my breath for ten minutes. You'll have to wait longer than that to pick ME up.
You know, they call me the Bone Master. I'm surprised anyone calls you at all.
You know, I could really fall for a girl like you. Hopefully off a cliff.
If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me? Just the part with the knuckles.
What's your sign? No trespassing.
How'd you like to come up and see my etchings? How'd you like a nice Fruit Punch?
Wanna feel my muscles? Call me when you find one.
Has anyone ever told you you have beautiful eyes? Has anyone ever swallowed that line?
Wanna see my scar? I've seen lobotomies, thanks.
Let's get out of here and go someplace we can talk. Preferably long distance.
Aren't you a famous model? Aren't you a famous jerk?
Wanna help me search for buried treasure? How would you like to BE buried treasure?
You look like a pretty classy babe, you must be a stewardess. I guess I was wrong when I thought you couldn't possibly be as dumb as you look.
You'd be in good hands with me, baby. You can go be in your OWN hands, creep.
Later he hired her and her ship to go in search of the figurehead of the sunken ship The Mad Monkey.
Capn kate

Threepwood was the individual who framed Capsize, using the image on her leaflet to cover his own face on his wanted posters so that he may freely move about Phatt Island. Threepwood could choose to leave her imprisoned or rescue her from the jail. If he freed her, she returned to Booty Island and continued advertising her business there. She told Threepwood she would search for the person who framed her, not knowing it was him.


  • Kate was removed from the lite version of the game.
  • Kate may have been named for Kate Capshaw, the at-the-time new wife of George Lucas's friend Stephen Spielberg.
  • Prior to talking with Kate, if the player drags the cursor over her, the pop-up text will read "Woman in big hat," a reference to her cap size.
  • By using the "pick up" command instead of 'talk' Guybrush will flirt with Kate. 'Pick up' is slang for attracting someone.

    Early artwork Kate Captain Capsize.

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