Cannons are the main armament of Pirate ships. Guybrush Threepwood was shot out of a cannon for money at a circus on Melee Island. He shot himself out of a cannon to get to the shore of Monkey Island from his ship The Sea Monkey.

When the young vendor on Plunder Island called Kenny Falmouth ran out of his shifty business of his lemonade stand and deciding to do an honest trade as a supplier of cannons. His wares included the complete line from Bob's Big Bore Boomer Cannon Inc. These include (from least to most powerful):

  • Buccaneer's Buddy
  • Ouch-Master
  • Holemaker Deluxe
  • Paingiver2000
  • Mr. Massacre
  • Destructomatic T-47

Admiral Casaba used cannons on the pirates of Knuttin Atoll if they congregated in groups of three or more.

Cannon Buccaneer's Buddy

The "Buccaneer's Buddy"

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