The cannibal village on Blood Island was home to a group of vegan cannibals who lived in service to the volcano god Sherman as well as other more minor gods.
Blood Island-cannibal village

Cannibal's village entrance

Seemingly the new home of the Cannibals of Monkey Island, who had been driven out of their village after construction of LeChuck's Carnival of the Damned, the only tribe member recognisable to Guybrush Threepwood was Lemonhead who was now leader.

Blood Island-cannibal village2

Other side of the Cannibal's village

The village was built around the summit of the active volcano on the island. Dotted about the place were statues, carvings and idols of the many food related deities that the tribe revered. There was also often a great vegan banquet ready to be served to the volcano god.

The tribe believed that by feeding Sherman fruit that it kept him calm and prevented the volcano from erupting. This was much to the displeasure of Griswold Goodsoup, who relied on the volcano's lava flow to heat his barbecue.

Notable ItemsEdit

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