The Monkey Island Cannibals, as seen from the original game.

The Cannibals, otherwise known as the Monkey Island Cannibals, were recurring characters throughout the series. They were usually seen as three individuals, each wearing various tribal and fruity headgear. They originated from Monkey Island, and later moved to Blood Island after construction of LeChuck's Carnival of the Damned began. They described themselves as the only civilized people on the island, vicious man-eaters, and enjoyed preying upon nosy tourists that wander into their village. They believed in offering gifts and sacrifices to appease whichever deity they believed at the moment, such as 'The Great Monkey' in Secret of Monkey Island and Mount Acidophilus in Curse of Monkey Island.

Despite their reputation, the Cannibals were surprisingly health conscious. They were hesitant to consume too much red meat, and worried about the negative effects of their dietary choice.

Secret of Monkey IslandEdit

The Monkey Island Cannibals were a tribe of (head)hunter/gatherers according to Herman Toothrot. They lived in a small and empty village, north of the Monkey Island. They often wandered outside their village, perhaps hunting for their next meal. They created unique artwork, often regarding the island. They left random notes and memos addressing their grievances, in hopes they would be found and annswered.

When ghost pirate LeChuck came to the island they had a lot of trouble as he took possession of the Monkey Head underground, his crew made terrible ghost noises and affected negatively the tourism to the island. The Cannibals possessed a rare root that could create a ghost-dissolving formula, but LeChuck, to be safe, stole it from them and securely locked it in his ghost ship.

The Cannibals originally lent their key to the Giant Monkey Head to Herman Toothrot, a local hermit, in return for his Banana Picker. The Cannibals would later fail to return the Banana Picker, much to Toothrot's chagrin. They also threw the oars of hiw Rowboat over a cliff.

Guybrush first met the Cannibals after he was caught poking around their village. He was then held prisoner in a small hut while the Cannibals debated whether or not to eat the happless pirate. Guybrush managed to escape, though he would later enlist his former captors' help to defeat LeChuck in exchange for a unique voodoo idol (The idol given was actually made by fellow tribemember Lemonhead, but they didn't realise it at the time). 

While a prisoner of the Cannibals, Guybrush spots the picker and retrieves it, so he could then trade it for the key to the Giant Monkey Head.

Guybrush would acquire from them the head of the navigator. This grotesque device would help Guybrush reach LeChuck's lair underneath the Giant Monkey Head.

The Canniabls were also reponsible for creating the Ghost Zapping Formula, after Guybrush brought them a special root hidden in LeChuck's ship's hold.

List of Monkey Island CannibalsEdit

On Blood IslandEdit

The cannibals, led by

The Blood Island Cannibals, as seen from Curse of Monkey Island

Lemonhead, moved to Blood Island, shortly after the events of Secret of Monkey Island. Lemonhead himself was elected as leader of a brand new group of "Vegan Cannibals", where they dedicated themselves to worshipping Mount Acidophilus, a lactose-intolerant volcano god. Aside from Acidophilus, they also worshipped a variety of food related gods, many of which could be seen around their village.

During the official offering ceremony, Guybrush sneaked in while wearing a giant tofu as a disguise. Lemonhead, unaware of this deceit, ignore him as he and his companions roasted over the dormant volcano. Guybrush then threw cheese into the maw, causing the entire volcano to violently erupt. The fate of the cannibals remained unknown.


  • The Cannibals are designed more like African or Oceanic tribes rather than tribes that could be found in the Carribean.
  • Although wearing huge tribal/ritual masks, the mouths of their masks are seen moving while talking.

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