Mi-2 spitting contest special edition

The Booty Island Spitting Contest was a popular competition during the all-year-round Mardi Gras festivities on Booty Island and drew a sizable crowd to watch. Its sponsor is Booty Island Parks and Rec. It was overseen by The Spitmaster.

Contestants would have to spit as far as they could. The people in first three places would have their spit marked with a flag, while the overall winner won a Spit Plaque.

Second place was held by a man dressed as a skeleton attending Governor Marley's Mardi Gras Fish Fry.

Guybrush Threepwood participates with one of several nicknames:

  • Juicious Maximus the Third
  • Phlegm Master
  • Captain Loogie
  • If he withdraws and then tries again, the Spitmaster will name him Dribble Boy.

The Spitmaster cheers Guybrush according to each nickname, and comments differently when he fails to reach the first place.

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