The Blood Island Cemetery is located on Blood Island, a short walk away from the Goodsoup Hotel. It housed the famous Goodsoup Family Crypt. There, many prominent members of the Goodsoup family were interred, including Minnie "Stroni" Goodsoup. It was here where Guybrush Threepwood would find the engagement band he needs to save Elaine Marley from her curse.

Mort, the island's resident undertaker, lived in a small shack down the road from the crypts. Mort happened to be a budding horror fiction writer, and had an old dog named Pew, sleeping outside his workshop. Stan would later open an insurance company within one of the crypts, called Mutual of Stan, after being freed from a coffin in which he had been trapped from following certain events in LeChuck's Revenge.

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  • When Guybrush "dies", he is interred in a small crypt that just happened to contain a coffin containing Stan, an eccentric businessman from the last two Monkey Island installments. After he is freed, Stan sets up Mutual of Stan, a life insurance company.
  • Mort's Shack had a wall which happened to be connected to the Goodsoup Family Crypt.


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